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To be frank, Ole can't dodge responsibility here. He'd two weeks to figure out how to beat them. Two goes and we failed both times.
I disagree. Game plan was fine. We should’ve been 3-0 up after 25 mins. You can’t legislate for your Brazilian international fucking up like that - although someone should check Fred’s passport cos he ain’t Brazilian with a first touch like that. You can’t magic Jones and Smalling into proper defenders and you can’t excuse a senior pro like Young jumping in like that when he’s on a yellow.

I said when we kept winnin that our squad wasn’t all that. It need major work in terms of quality and balance.
Fred cost 52m, Moutinho cost Wolves 5.6m, and he's won the Euros
Yeah our scouting is piss. Neves is a better midfielder than any of ours.
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There's been plenty of occasions where the managers have been to blame... Mourinho etc. However, the board and Ed get away with such a poor running of the football side of things it's a disgrace.

Is it Smalling's fault he's not good enough? Young's? Jones'? NO. Of course they're going to stay and sign extended contracts... why wouldn't they. They are ONLY being kept because they've won a league here and the club want that experience... it's fucking mental.

We can all see the same problem, yet Ed can't?? Hes obviously very good at his job from a commercial point of view but its fucking criminal how the football issues are being handled. Until that changes what is any manager supposed to do that Ole isn't doing?
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