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pint vulger wrote:Absolutely nothing wrong with Nani, frustrating because he has the ability to one of the best ,but as far as Utd concerened he was brilliant at times and I agree they shouldnt have got rid of him.
Regarding the Euros he was one of the better players in the tournament espe playing in an unfamiliar postion .
A lot of fond memorys and definately goes down as one of Utds better players , the outrageous red v Madrid effected him badly .

For some reason he loved battering Arsenal, tbf all our players did, even Anderson Cleverly in a two man midfield and Arsenal couldn't not concede 8, I was in London for that, with an Arsenal fan and a load of reds as well, fuckin boss, three day party, build your own ear rings and hat out of tinfoil only half way through the three days type of party, who's that drunk guy from Belfast people ask and your wife says I don't know type of party.
Well I suppose that's the knighthood fucked.
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