Do you want to give LVG this summer or have we seen enough..

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He's gone. Thank fuck.
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Next season is going to be unique as United, City, Chelsea all have new managers and new styles being imposed upon em. City is as big a job as United because they're fucking awful. Tottenham will strengthen now Poch is staying. And Arsenal will be Arsenal.

So it's there to be won tbf as other clubs look to build new squads and impose new philosophies for the future. It's whoever remains consistent. Based on this I think Leicester are in with a shout.
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Sid wrote:
Snoopcousins wrote:
Mumford wrote:
FuB wrote:
swampash wrote: Respect your point of view mumps, but you need to look a bit closer - specifically, which leagues, with which teams, and to what extent did he do it by taking over a team that had already been built before he took it over.
you could say the same about Mourinho to a point, couldn't you? I mean, Ranieri bought most of the core of his first Chelsea team and Mancini built a lot of Inter
This much is true,
And now Maureen will take over a squad put together by LVG, and barring a couple of much needed tweaks is the basis of the United squad for the next few seasons I think.
No doubt he will be given some money to spend, but I can't see the Glazers sanctioning another £250m spree
I'm sure as hell Mourinho is not rejoicing at the squad that he's inherited! Fuck me it needs a lot of work! Especially if we want to challenge again.... If we win stuff next year LVG cannot be given any credit for it!
But right many United fans said if we'd have given the job to Mourinho last season, we would have won the league. So now he has the same squad, and he'll have some of his own players, so he should be challenging for the title next season?
But Sid- Mourinho may very well have won the league last season with us... The PL was there for the taking and I doubt he'd have got rid of Di Maria so easily (or Fucked him off with shithouse tactics). I do think we could very well has won the league
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