Scholes or Gerrard?

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just1n wrote:
Lazarus wrote:
Sid wrote:
Alfonso Bedoya wrote:
Sid wrote:On a lighter note imagine Gerrard in his prime playing under Klopp, all those runs, all that combative stuff, boundless energy, aving it ness. Would have been a sight
Imagine the Rooney of 7/8 years ago, under Klopp...
Yep. Imagine them both in the same team.
Like for England.... If you close your eyes you could just about imagine.
:)) QFT! Indeed.
he always had cramp after 75 mins ,sick of hearing about growing pains as well.
he was a 1 trick pony (great for Liverpool because his heart made him so) but there was far better all around the prem (incl lampoon, scholes, vierra,
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Alfonso Bedoya wrote:
Dosdamt wrote:Scholes every time, because his ability to control games and score goals wins seasons. Gerrard's inconsistent bomb forward want to be the man will win games, but he'll slip or fuck up, lose the ball, lose his head - whatever - and you'll lose the season.
Oh fuck me... not another one...

Are you another daft cunt who's going to blame the whole fuckin season on his "slip"?

Are you even aware of the numbers he put up that year?

Without him, Liverpool wouldn't have even been near the top to challenge for the title in the first place... him and Suarez carried that team... stop talking shit...
I suspect the "slip" was playing on the minds of many players the following week when they really lost the league - I remember watching them fall to pieces against Crystal Palace in one of the worst capitulations I have ever seen. Gerrard played a fucking shocker then too. The impact of having seen your 'captain wonderboy blahblahblah' fuck up so monumentally is interesting - if it was any other player in the side, do you think the impact would have been as catastrophic?

I would argue it is precisely because it was Gerrard that it was so meaningful and the beginning of the end for them that season.

I don't doubt he was a good player. Top Tier of players to have played in the Premier League - overall, easily in the top 5 midfielders. Keane, Vieira, Scholes, Lampard, Gerrard - not sure about the order, but I'd take Scholes ahead of Gerrard any day.

As an aside, and reading the further posts, I agree he was never a deeper midfielder and every manager who tried to shoehorn him there was a drongo. Same with Rooney I reckon too. He isn't that player so fuck off trying to push him there.
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