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bman2 wrote:
2 months ago
dozer wrote:
2 months ago
Right winger: Check
Good passer: Check
High IQ: Check
Dormund player: Sigh... check.

Hopefully he breaks the jinx. He's English too so there shouldn't be any issues in fitting culturally. We need him to hit the ground running.
After Kagawa and Mhikitaryan, let’s hope third time is lucky buying this type of player from Dortmund. But it’s not just Dortmund, players often seem to struggle coming from the Bundesliga to the PL. Havertz and Werner at Chelsea for example, though Havertz has been pretty good and seems to be finding his feet.

It’s seen as a weaker league, but I think players coming from Ligue 1 in France often do better. I’ve no idea if the stats actually back this up, it’s just my impression.
They talked about this on the Athletic, and they had a quote from an ex ligue un player who said the league is faster and fitter than both the bundesliga and prem - and that's possibly why they do better here.
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