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by pixietown
2 years ago
Forum: Match Day
Topic: vs Leicester
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Re: vs Leicester

How do you think we played pixietown? Not too bad - we seem to have found a left back from somewhere. But my opinion isn't the best - I thought Moyes was a better choice than Mourinho, and Fellaini was a good buy (I'm not sure if I was completely wrong with Moyes Vs Jose choice yet. Allardyce is st...
by pixietown
5 years ago
Forum: The Rant Forum
Topic: Vs Liverpool
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Re: Vs Liverpool

Is lovren gonna be shite again? I fuckin hope so Just can't predict a united win when we couldn't score in a brothel. But Liverpool are shite too so who knows! At least this game might be fucking exciting, the two matches last season were ace.. We need to fucking blow the cobwebs off after our turg...