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Grandstander1 wrote:
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Grandstander1 wrote:He's Dutch.

Total Football.

Speaking of which, I think Blind back there is brilliant. I only wish he was the centre half bringing the ball forward instead of Smalling. Before I get shit on, I too saw hat happened on Sunday. I think that was a coaching error, more so than anything.
He cant cope with speed, crosses or beasts, how is that good.
His weakness is crosses, no doubt. From a physical perspective (assuming that's what beasts means), he had to deal with that in midfield and left back, he's fine. He's not as fast, but is usually positionally sound so he's in front of his man. If United continue to play the high line, it won't matter who's back there. You could have Vidic and Rio in their prime, and it still takes one shitty pass into the middle *cough Rooney* to set up the fast counter with your full backs trapped forward.

However, it looks like LVG will play a high line. In that case, you'll get more from Blind in maintaining possession (fewer risky passes) as well as better outlet passes when United are under pressure. He's good at finding Shaw or Schwein..etc. Do you feel Rojo is better? On corners maybe, everywhere else?
I agree with this. Martinez spoke well about this on the telly before a recent United game, maybe the first Bruges game. He made the good point that it's all just about making choices about priorities. LVG knows well what Blind is and isn't, there's no perfect CB out there that defends like Vidic but plays like a quality midfielder. Blind will be caught out sometimes--like every CB is, even the best--but so far it looks like his positives contribute more than his negatives cost, at least in terms of the way LVG wants to play.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Rojo. He does play the ball very well for a defender. Will he become first choice over Blind if or when he gets over his injury/punishment?
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