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danniitronix wrote:
MAX CLIFFORD wrote:Generally it was poor in all honesty. Scholesy hit the nail on the head with his half time summary......."There's nobody running passed Rooney, you don't always get the ball, but somebody needs to gamble and get forward". And Andy Cole said similar after the game............."Once it gets up to Rooney or Depay we looked pedestrian, almost resigned to not breaking them down". I couldn't agree more. They both commented that we clearly lack the pace up top to threaten teams. After the pre season tour and 3 prem games, its patently obvious that we are going to struggle for goals. Prem teams aren't Brugge.

We are painfully short of a class striker.
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I'm always up for a bit of banter and jousting, that is what Rant is about and I like the fact that you like golf and you have said on here you have a family and you sound like a decent bloke, so why the holy fuck are you using this handle?

It is about as funny as Jimmy Saville.

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Well I suppose that's the knighthood fucked.
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Van Gaal saying that was a good performance reminds me of Moyes' interviews.

"I'd have taken a draw before the game" - 1-1 with Cardiff iirc :))

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