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Despite the win over Leicester we are not a better team without Pogba. The squad we have must rely on it’s speed and pace because, as a squad, we do not have the skills required to play any other way. Other than Pogba we do not have anyone capable of creating chances at a pace that suits these players.

Mata in his prime might have been that type of player but although his mind is still quick and he still sees the play too many times he just cannot physically make the play. While Mc Tominay’s stamina and energy hold he is decent midfielder, hopefully he can pick up the skills and guile needed to extend his career once those have declined. Matic is just collecting a paycheck and taking the piss, Pereira has not shown and reason why he should be playing at this level and Fred is still an unknown at this point.

If Pogba want to leave, and it’s not just his brother and agent talking, then get him out the door when it suits the club not when it’s convenient for him. Suck every penny that can be made from selling him and re-invest that money in players that want to be at United and have the skillset that matches what we want to do.
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Yeah we were obviously dogshit without Pogba. Lots of effort, almost no quality. We're supposed to be Manchester United. The fact that we're celebrating a hard-won cagey battle of well-organised bus-parking teams against Leicester is an indication of how standards are for this club these days. We're not big club quality, not close.
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