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The jokers on here are hyped up and pissing their training-pants
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We played shite and didn't nick it,

1. Too bad this isn't the era where that's enough

2. They were there just asking to be fucked over

3. Fergie despite shite squads always had a big moment guy, fuck me Fletcher O'Shea obviously Rooney and whoever was at 9 but Lakaku ain't that special, he'll probably score a hat trick tomorrow but he ain't got a clue when the ball isn't played just in front of him for a shot and even the one he had he fucked up. We knew this.

We knew this and people saying sell Msta sell Herrera sell Mickey T, fuck me, maybe play football to their strengths???

No? They are shite? Ok, let's put those prems euro vase actual euros World Cup champions league league cups fa cups prems players of the year awards in the bin. Aye shite. Fuckin cunts being shite winning accolades in teams built on a third of the cost.

Pssh. Dickheads. Sell everyone.
Well I suppose that's the knighthood fucked.
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