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I think I just stated my point in that I agree it was a good buy and could be the title winning buy but sometimes I would like to see a different style, why can't you accept that everyone has an opinion, I admitted I was wrong about Pogba, I've said Lakaku was a good buy, a pragmatic buy, I didn't think he was good at the weekend and that score line flattered us, but yes I'm happy the way things are going.

I also said part of me seeing as we spent so much anyway, would have loved to have seen a Neymar for example but then again that would be risky and referred to ADM and agreed Lakaku was the more sensible choice and he bangs goals in for fun but isn't fun to watch.

Yet you go off on one completely as if I'm shiteing all over the club,

Half the time you sound like you won't be happy until the whole squad are all Jose buys and we've got rid of Rashford Martial and anyone else anyone since Fergie had the audacity to buy.
Well I suppose that's the knighthood fucked.
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