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Ffs Sid - bending the truth again to fit your needs?
Juventus paid the agent fees, that was found to be nothing to do with us.
And you think we should have got Pogba for £40M then?
You live in a fantasy land... where you love anarchy and like to start arguments and slag everytging and anything even tho it doesn't make sense...

And selling what players were shit...?
The ones LVG signed?
The dross from fergies latter years?

We are trying to strengthen from a position of weakness ....always going to get rinsed.
It is what it is....it has to be done - and I'd rather we spent OUR money on players /agents than to the Glazers /interest payments.

You think the likes of Liverpool will ever win the PL or CL without spending similar to City? No
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I don't worry about fees and agents' fees so much. Woodward knows when the numbers work and when they don't. The fact that he's refused to shell out for Perisic shows that there is method to the big money buys. Besides, Raiola has delivered us Pogba, Zlatan, Mkhitaryan, and Lukaku. So far. Whatever we paid him, looks like money well spent to me.
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