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lkhmffsstopmovingabout wrote:
dozer wrote:
marlon wrote:Fletcher made a huge difference. Takes so much pressure of Carrick. They protected the back 4 so well and there was passing in the middle of the pitch. 21 crosses today but they didn't look so aimless - Valencia only attempted 2. Still, less than 40% possession at home and only 9 tackles - definitely miss Jones.

Don't think Januzaj is ready to play in the middle. Kagawa looked much better there, but Rooney will be back for Chelsea. Would be great if we dropped Valencia instead of Kagawa.
Hang on. Valencia was way better than Kagawa the other night.
Kagawa is not a winger and he doesn't score enough or do anything really to warrant playing in Rooney 's position and he's useless off the the bench too so he must be out of the 18 man team when all players are fit.
top wumming here

after years of arguing rooneys shite, suddenly hes not and other players aren't good enough to take 'his position'
Kagawa isn't. Aguero for example is.
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just your agueros and fellainis

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brianofnazarethffs wrote:
Anantax wrote:That 2nd half, is ironically, further proof of how badly Moyes has underachieved

The players are the same. The opponents, many have been worse. But how many times have we played as well? 2, maybe 3 times? Why couldnt we have played as well more often?

That is on the manager....

You are fucking clueless tbf.

Judge Moyes after two transfer windows, when he has the chance to bring in his players! I'm no Moyes apologist but the players have to step up because they haven't been doing it.
Funny...i thought its you that is fucking clueless...

Put simply I refuse to believe that a team who won the title very comfortably last season is as bad as we are right now: 7th in the league, out of the FA cup, FOURTEEN fucking points away from the leader, playing badly for most of the games. 2nd half shows we CAN play well...

As I've said in other posts, Glazers deserve blame for the state of our midfield. But Moyes clearly deserves blame for our colossal underachievement so far
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